Brooks Range

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There are only two narrow dirt roads into an unbroken swath of wilderness that stretches from the Chukchi Sea to the border of Canada's Yukon Territory. Getting into the Brooks Range requires some ingenuity and a float plane since the area is far from any airstrip.

So why go to the considerable effort of trekking into the Brooks Range? Because you will find the finest mountain terrain in North America, a wonderland of glacier carved granite and pristine rivers and lakes, all within the remote wilderness of the Alaskan Arctic Region.

Below are some of our most popular trips. We can make it happen for you.

National Park Tours:

  • National Park Passbook Tours
  • Gates of the Arctic National Park
  • Kobuk Valley National Park


  • Agiak Lake / Anaktuvuk Pass
  • Arrigetch Peaks
  • Doonerak Mountain / Boreal
  • Holmes Pass / Chimney Pass
  • Mount Igikpak
  • Oolah Valley
  • Summit Lake /Anaktuvuk Pass
  • Upper Kobuk River Valley

Float Trips:

  • Alatna River
  • Colville River
  • Etivilik River
  • John River
  • Killik River
  • Kobuk River
  • Reed River
  • Nigu River
  • Noatak River
  • North Fork Chandalar River
  • North Fork Koyukuk River
  • Wild River
  • Your Creek

Backpack / Float Combination:

  • Agiak Lake to John River or Killik R
  • Akurekvik Lake to Noatak River
  • Alatna Headwaters to Noatak River
  • Arrigetch Peaks to Noatak or Alatna
  • Ernie Lake to Alatna River
  • Loon Lake to John River
  • Natat Lake to Killik River
  • Pingo Lake to Nigu River
  • Sixty Mile Lake to John River
  • Summit Lake to North Fork Koyukuk
  • Wild Lake to Tinayguk River

Camping and Fishing:

  • Agiak Lake
  • Big Lake
  • Chandler Lake
  • Elusive Lake
  • Ernie Lake
  • Help-Me-Jack Lake
  • Iniakuk Lake
  • Kobuk River (SheeFish)
  • Karupa Lake
  • Lake Minakokosa
  • Lake Schrader/Peters
  • Middle Lake
  • Selby Lake
  • Shainin Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Walker Lake
  • Wild Lake
  • Killik River






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